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International Transport, Logistics (Master Business)

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Doctorate in Global Business: International Transport and Logistics (maritime, air)

Master Business (International Transport)

The Module “International Transport and Logistics” (34 ECTS) is part of the following Online Programs taught by EENI Global Business School:

  1. Master in International Business
  2. Master in Foreign Trade

Masters in International Business and Foreign Trade (MIB)

Doctorate in World Trade.

Doctorate in International Business (DIB) Online

The Module “International Transport and Logistics” consists of six parts:

1- Introduction to the International Transport and Logistics (PDF) (5 ECTS).

Global Transport and Logistics

2- Maritime Transport (PDF) (5 ECTS).

Maritime Transport, Bill of Lading (BL)

3- Road Transport (PDF) (10 ECTS).

Road Transport

4- Rail Transport (PDF) (5 ECTS).

Rail Transport

5- Air transport (PDF) (4 ECTS).

Air Cargo Transport

6- Multimodal / Combined transport (PDF) (5 ECTS).

Multimodal / Combined Transport

The objective of the module “International Transport and Logistics” is to provide all the knowledge, techniques and tools necessary to manage all the issues related to the international freight transport:

  1. Different types of transport (air, rail, road, maritime, multimodal)
  2. Role of the main Organizations related to International Transport (ICAO, IRU, OTIF, UNCTAD, IMO, FIATA, IATA...)
  3. Main conventions of the international cargo transport (CIM, CMR, Rotterdam, Hamburg, COTIF)
  4. International transport documents (bill of lading, AWB...)
  5. Containerization
  6. Stowage of goods
  7. Insurance and freight of the International Transport
  8. Calculation of the logistics costs of export or import operations

In the PDFs you can download the index, structure and objectives of each module.

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