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Pre-shipment inspection (price, quantity, quality)

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Syllabus of the Subject

Export controls (Pre-shipment inspection) Non-tariff Measures

  1. Introduction to the pre-shipment inspection in Foreign Trade
  2. Types of pre-shipment controls
  3. Agreement on Preshipment Inspection

Pre-shipment inspection:
Agreement on Preshipment Inspection of the WTO

The objectives of the subject “Pre-shipment inspection” are the following:

  1. To understand the key concepts related to the pre-shipment inspection
  2. To analyze the types of pre-expedition controls implemented by the Governments
  3. To know the requirements that can be demanded in a pre-shipment inspection

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Trade Facilitation Programs. TFA Agreement

In foreign trade, the pre-shipment inspection (prior to the shipment) is a non-tariff technical measure whose main objective is to safeguard the national interest (avoiding the fraud in a certain product, controlling the evasion of capital and Customs duties...).

  1. Pre-shipment inspection is mandatory for the exporter
  2. Pre-shipment inspection (expedition) must be carried out by an independent company (inspecting agency) acting on behalf of the importing country
  3. Pre-shipment controls usually inspect the price, quantity or quality of the products

Types of pre-shipment inspection (PI)

  1. Pre-shipment inspection
  2. Direct dispatch (consignment) requirement (prohibition of stopping at a third country)
  3. Requirements for passage through a specific port of customs
  4. Monitoring and supervision requirements for product imports (price, volume)

Agreement on Preshipment Inspection of the WTO.

  1. Application of the principles of the GATT
  2. Obligations of governments: transparency, non-discrimination, confidentiality, clear guidelines for the inspection of the export prices, technical assistance..

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