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Ayah Bdeir, Businesswoman, Lebanon, Canada

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Founder of LittleBits (Ayah Bdeir). Open Hardware

  1. Ayah Bdeir (Muslim Businesswoman)
  2. LittleBits Company
  3. Open Hardware Summit

Sample - Ayah Bdeir (Muslim Businesswoman)
Ayah Bdeir, Muslim Businesswoman, Canada/Lebanon

Online Arab Student, Master International Business

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Foreign Trade and Business in the Middle East

Ayah Bdeir (1982, Canada) is a Muslim Businesswoman, engineer, Open Hardware movement leader, and artist that “not accept as true the limits imposed by the society and culture.”

  1. Ayah Bdeir spent her youth in Lebanon (Middle East), Canada, and the U.S.. She is living in New York
  2. Ayah Bdeir is the Founder and General Directress of LittleBits, a modular electronic system with magnets based on the principles of open source, known as the “LEGO for the iPad generation”
  3. Ayah Bdeir is the co-Founder of the Open Hardware Summit
  4. She is also the founder of Karaj (laboratory in Beirut)

Ayah Bdeir belongs to the Arab Economic Area.

Religions and Business - Arab Woman.

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