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Business in Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, Mexico

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Syllabus of the Subject

Monterrey: industrial capital of Mexico, Nuevo Leon. Automotive

  1. Introduction to the State of Nuevo Leon
  2. Economy of Nuevo Leon
  3. International Trade of Nuevo Leon
  4. Investment in Nuevo Leon
  5. Business in Monterrey: The industrial capital of Mexico
  6. Competitive Advantages of Nuevo Leon
  7. Clusters in Nuevo Leon:
    1. Automotive
    2. Home appliance
    3. Aerospace
    4. Health care
    5. Information Technology Industry
  8. The largest industrial groups in Nuevo Leon
  9. Case Study:
    1. CEMEX
    2. FEMSA Group
    3. ALFA Group
    4. Gruma Group

Foreign Trade and Business in Mexico

The Subject “Foreign Trade and Business in Nuevo Leon (Mexico)” belongs to the following Online Programs taught by EENI Global Business School:

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Languages: Masters, Doctorate, International Business, English or Study Master Doctorate in International Business in Spanish Nuevo Leon Study Doctorate in International Business in French Mexique Masters Foreign Trade in Portuguese Mexico.

Mexican Economy, Carlos Slim, Competitive Advantages, Jalisco, Chihuahua...

  1. Credits of the subject “Doing Business in Nuevo Leon”: 1 ECTS Credits
  2. Duration: one week

Continuing education (International Trade & Business)

International Trade and Business in Nuevo Leon Monterrey (Mexico).

  1. The GDP of Nuevo Leon was 79.8 billion dollars (7.5% of the Mexican GDP)
  2. The State of Nuevo Leon (Mexico) produces 10.2% of all manufactured products of Mexico
  3. The Automotive Industry of the State of Nuevo Leon represents 2.1 billion dollars
  4. Nuevo Leon (Mexico) is the largest State attracting the foreign direct investment in Mexico
  5. Nuevo Leon received 5,097 million dollars in foreign direct investment (29% of the total of the foreign direct investment received in Mexico)
  6. Of all the foreign direct investment received by the States of Nuevo Leon, nearly all was to the manufacturing industry and financial services
  7. The majority of the foreign direct investment comes from the U.S. (52%)
  8. Other important foreign direct investment sources are Japan, Germany, and the UK
  9. Nuevo Leon is a frontier state that offers the perfect logistics place for Doing Business in the North American market

Monterrey is a major industrial centre in Mexico, producing a GDP of 102 billion dollars.

  1. The GDP per capita of Monterrey was 46,634 dollar
  2. Monterrey ranks as the best city to do business in Hispanic America (Fortune magazine)

Nuevo Leon:

  1. 75% of the Mexican glass container production
  2. 60% of the Mexican cement production
  3. 60% of the Mexican, artificial, and synthetic fiber production
  4. 50% of the Mexican beer production
  5. 50% of the Mexican ceramics production
  6. 40% of the Mexican basic steel production
  7. 40% of the household appliances

Top Economic Clusters in Nuevo Leon

  1. Automotive, auto parts, and components
  2. Home appliances
  3. Electric and electronic equipment
  4. Metal mechanics
  5. Steel, glass, and cement
  6. Software and information technology services
  7. Medical service

State of Nuevo Leon:

  1. Population: 4,500,000 (4% of the total population of Mexico)
  2. GDP: 86.5 billion dollars (8% of the Mexican GDP). 79.8 billion dollars
  3. The main economic sectors are services, commerce, manufacturing (metal, machinery, and equipment)
  4. 10.2% of all of the Mexican manufactured products
  5. Total exports: 26.1 billion dollars
  6. The largest Mexican State attracting the foreign direct investment: 2 billion dollars
  7. 2,600 foreign companies have established operations
  8. Per capita income: 9,693 dollar (6,500 dollar above Mexican average)
  9. Area: 64,220 km² (3.3% of Mexico)
  10. The main cities are Monterrey (capital, 3.7 million), Guadalupe, and Apodaca

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