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Key sectors of the Mexican Economy

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Syllabus of the Subject

Mexico: aerospace industry, automotive, agribusiness

  1. Introduction to Mexico
  2. Mexican Aerospace Industry
  3. Mexican Automotive Sector
  4. Mexican Agribusiness Sector
  5. Case Study: FEMSA Acquisition by Heineken
  6. Creative Industries in Mexico
  7. Medical Devices in Mexico
  8. Household Appliances Industry
  9. Case Study: Bosch Group in Mexico
  10. Mexican Electronics Industry
  11. Renewable energy
  12. Information Technology market (IT, Business Process Outsourcing, and Software)
  13. Case Study: Mexican companies
    1. VW of Mexico
    2. Sukarne
    3. Bosch Mexico
    4. Tata Consultancy Services in Mexico

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Credits of the Subject “Mexican Economy”: 1 ECTS Credits

Key sectors of the Mexican Economy.

The United Mexican States:

  1. Mexican population is 122 million people
  2. Mexican Area: 1,964,375 km²
  3. The main Mexican language is Spanish
  4. The capital of Mexico is Mexico City
  5. The Mexican currency is the Mexican Peso (MXN)
  6. Borders of Mexico: The U.S., Guatemala, and Belize
  7. Mexico gained the independence from Spain in 1810
  8. Mexican main religion is Christianity (108 million) Catholic (99 million)
  9. Mexico belongs to the Latin American area of Western Civilization
  10. The Mexican extinct civilizations: Mexican, Olmec, and Yucatan
  11. Abolition of Slavery in Mexico: 1829

Christianity and Global Business (Catholicism, Protestantism)

Mexican Economy.

  1. Mexico is the tenth largest Economy in the World and seventh largest international trade player
  2. Mexico is the economy with the most competitive operating costs for aerospace industry.
    1. Aerospace exports were 3,200 million dollars (16.5% annual growth rate)
    2. There are 190 enterprises in Mexico within the aerospace industry (30,000 people)

Mexican Automotive industry:

  1. Mexico is the second largest car maker in Hispanic America. 820,000 cars were sold in Mexico
  2. 3% of the GDP
  3. 18% of the Mexican manufacturing production
  4. 23% of all Mexican exports
  5. 69% of the Mexican Automotive sector production was exported to the U.S.
  6. 100 of the largest auto parts global firms are in Mexico
  7. The United Mexican States produced 30 billion dollars in auto parts, (80% of the production was exported to the U.S.)

The Processed food industry in Mexico generated a market value of 93,362 million dollars (the third highest valued in America). The food sector of Mexico is the tenth largest market valued worldwide. The Mexican processed food industry accounts for 22% of the manufacturing GDP.

  1. Mexico is the leading medical devices exporter in Hispanic America. Mexico is the largest exporter to the U.S.
  2. Mexico is one of the main household appliances exporter in the World (sixth place on a global level)
  3. Mexico has a leading position as a split-door refrigerator/freezers exporter
  4. Mexico is the third vacuum cleaners exporter
  5. Mexico has a strong installed capacity for electronic products manufacture
  6. The manufacturing enterprises are in Baja California, Chihuahua, and Tamaulipas

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