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Portuguese for international business

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Syllabus of the Subject

Portuguese for international business (210 million people)

  1. Introduction to the Portuguese grammar
  2. English - Portuguese International business conversations
  3. English - Portuguese International marketing cases (with audio)

Global Marketing: export prices, distribution, promotion..


  1. To improve their reading comprehension and develop reading comprehension skills
  2. To build pronunciation and intonation skills
  3. To understand information related to the International Business (letters, webs, email, news...)
  4. To Improve Portuguese writing capabilities

The Subject “Portuguese for international business” belongs to the following Online Programs taught by EENI Global Business School:

  1. Masters: Business in Africa, International Business, Foreign Trade
  2. Doctorate DIB Business in America, African Business

Languages: Masters, Doctorate, International Business, English or Study Master Doctorate in International Business in Spanish EENI Study Doctorate in International Business in French EENI Masters Foreign Trade in Portuguese EENI (free multilingual training).

Portuguese for international business

For this course the students will need to have a basic knowledge of Portuguese (Pt) language (which includes basic vocabulary and grammar).

Portuguese: Spoken by 210 million people, the seventh most widely spoken language, official in eight countries.

Why study Portuguese?

- Spoken by 210 million people, Portuguese is the seventh most widely spoken language in the World.
- Portuguese is the official language of eight countries: Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, São Tomé and Príncipe and East Timor, and an unofficial language in numerous linguistic islands in China (Macau) and India.
- There are 1.3 million native speakers of Portuguese living in the U.S..
- Since it is so important and so rarely studied, knowledge of Portuguese is a very marketable skill, especially in commerce and banking.
- The richness of Literature in Portuguese is astonishing: from The Lusiads - the great epic poem of the European Renaissance, to the modern Brazilian novel - the best-kept secret in the Western Hemisphere.
- Brazil is the eighth largest economy in the World and features the Amazon jungle, enormous urban cities such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and 6,000 miles of beaches.

Reading and comprehension of Portuguese Literature texts and articles.

- Cases of conversations I: International Business: 100 bilingual conversations in Portuguese and English.
- Cases of conversations II (with audios): International Marketing. 170 bilingual conversations in Portuguese and English.

English - Portuguese
English Portuguese

At the end of the Professional Course, students will be able to translate texts with the help of the dictionary.

Audio English - Portuguese
Audio English Portuguese

Languages - French - Spanish

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