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EU-Moldova Association Agreement

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Syllabus of the Subject

Moldova-European Union Association Agreement Free-Trade Area

  1. Introduction to the Association Agreement between the EU and Moldova
  2. Key features of the Moldova-European Union Association Agreement
  3. Rules and Proofs of Origin

Sample - EU-Moldova Association Agreement:
European Union-Moldova Association Agreement

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EU International Relations

The EU-Moldova Association Agreement entered into force in 2016.

Market Access - Free Trade Agreements

One of the objectives of the Association Agreement is the implantation of a Deep and Comprehensive Free-Trade Area between Moldova and the countries of the EU.

  1. Tolerance: 10% of the sale priceex-works” of the product (except for textiles)
  2. Duty drawback within the EU-Moldova Association Agreement is not authorized
  3. Type of accumulation allowed: bilateral

Required Documents:

  1. The EUR.1 Movement Certificate (issued by the Moldovan authorities)
  2. Invoice declaration

Moldova is part of the European Neighborhood Policy (Eastern Partnership).

The EU-Moldova Association Agreement belongs to the European Economic Area (Western Civilization) and the Orthodox Economic Area.

Trans-European Transport Corridors

  1. Europe-Caucasus-Asia Corridor
  2. Pan-European Corridor IX (Finland-Greece)

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