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Panama-Andean Community (FTA)

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Syllabus of the Subject

Panama-Andean Community Free Trade Agreement

  1. International Trade in Goods between the Andean Community (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru) and Panama
  2. Introduction to the Panama-Andean Community Agreement

Panama-Andean Community Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
Panama-Andean Community (Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia) Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

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Market Access - Trade Agreements

Panama is an observer member of the Andean Community.

Panama-Andean Community Free Trade Agreement.

  1. In 1988, the Andean Community and Panama negotiated a Free Trade Agreement
  2. In 2004, the Andean Community and the Central American Integration System signed a Cooperation Framework Agreement
  3. International trade between the Andean Community and Panama: 2,468 million dollars
  4. Main Andean Community exporter to Panama is Ecuador, Exports from Ecuador to Panama: 1,536 million dollars (58% of the Andean Community exports to Panama)

The Andean Countries and Panama belongs to the Latin American Economic Area.

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