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Chile-Canada Agreement

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Syllabus of the Subject

Free Trade Agreement between Chile and Canada

  1. Introduction to the Chile-Canada Agreement
  2. Advantages of the Chile-Canada Agreement
  3. Certification of Origin of the Chile-Canada Agreement
  4. International Trade between Chile and Canada
  5. Investment flows between Canada and Chile
  6. Agreements on Environment and Labour
  7. Chile-Canada Modernized Agreement

Chile-Canada Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

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Chile-Canada Free Trade Agreement.

The Free Trade Agreement between Chile and Canada entry into force in 1997.

The Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement covers the International trade in goods and services and Foreign direct investment.

The objectives of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Canada-Chile are to:

  1. Eliminate the Technical Barriers to Trade, and facilitate the cross-border movement of export products and services between Canada and Chile
  2. Promote a fair competition conditions in the free-trade area
  3. Increase the foreign direct investment opportunities in Canada and Chile
  4. Create an efficient customs procedures for the implementation and application of the Chile-Canada Agreement
  5. Establish a framework for the bilateral, regional, and multilateral cooperation

International trade between Chile and Canada.

Since the Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement (FTA) entry into force, the international trade in products has augmented by 226%, growing from $718 million when the Chile-Canada agreement entered into force in 1997 to $2.34 billion.

  1. Canadian exports to Chile: $587,442,199
  2. Canadian imports from Chile: $1,872,171,529
  3. Foreign trade in services between Chile and Canada was $164 million
  4. Canadian Foreign Direct Investment in Chile: $13,341 million

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