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African Historians

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African Historians. African Renaissance, Anta Diop, Ki-Zerbo, Bethwell Ogot, Ahmadou Hampaté Bá, Boubou Hama

  1. Sheikh Anta Diop (Historian, Senegal): African Renaissance
  2. Bethwell Allan Ogot (Historian, Kenya)
  3. Ali Al'amin Mazrui (Historian, Kenya)
  4. Théophile Obenga (Historian, Republic of the Congo): Afro-centricity
  5. Joseph Ki-Zerbo (Historian, Burkina Faso)
  6. Elikia M'Bokolo (Historian, DR Congo)
  7. Boubou Hama (Historian, Niger)
  8. Jacob Festus Adeniyi Ajayi (Nigerian Historian)
  9. Hichem Djaït (Historian, Tunisia)
  10. Ahmadou Hampaté Bá (Historian, Mali)
  11. Akin Mabogunje (Historian and geographer, Nigeria)
  12. Pathé Diagne (Political scientist and linguist, Senegal)
  13. Christophe Wondji (Historian, Ivory Coast)
  14. Albert Adu Boahen Kwadwo (Historian, Ghana)
  15. Djibril Tamsir Niane (Historian, Guinea-Conakry)
  16. Others African Historians

African Literature.

  1. Leopold Sédar Senghor (Poet and Africanist, Senegal)
  2. Wole Soyinka (Poet and dramaturge, Nigeria, Nobel Prize in Literature)

The objectives of the subject “African Historians”, also, to publicly our admiration to all those historians, are:

  1. To provide an overview of the African Historians who are rewriting the history of Africa, and therefore the history of humanity
  2. To know the main theories and reflections that these scholars are developing
  3. That the student should be aware of this African Renaissance and its implications, especially from the human and business perspective in Africa

“African Historians”
Sheikh Anta Diop (Historian, Senegal) Relations between the Egyptian civilization and Black Africa

African Student, Doctorate, Master, International Business, Foreign Trade

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African Historians.

After the famous Senegalese historian Sheikh Anta Diop, revolutionized the vision on the African history, from the prehistory to the present, based on the conception that Africans must write his story, the perception of the African place in the history of humanity is changing radically.

Bethwell Allan Ogot (Historian, Kenya) His works on the African history

Other leading historians such as Joseph Ki-Zerbo (Burkina Faso), Théophile Obenga (Congo) or Elikia M'Bokolo (Democratic Republic of the Congo) are contributing to rewrite the history, not only the African History but the History of Civilizations.

In this subject; we wish to pay tribute to all those historians who allow us to understand this African Renaissance.

It would be impossible to analyze the works of all the African Historians, so we have selected the works of some of the most famous historians. We apologize for all those African historians not included in this analysis.

Ahmadou Hampaté Bá, Ethnologist (Mali) In Africa, when an old man dies, a library disappears

Albert Adu Boahen Kwadwo (Ghana)

Jacob Festus Adeniyi Ajayi

Ali Al'amin Mazrui

Théophile Obenga, Congolese Linguist and Historian (Republic of the Congo)

Elikia M'Bokolo

Boubou Hama (Niger)

Hichem Djaït (Historian, Tunisia) Crisis of Islamic Culture

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Africa: the Cradle of humanity.

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History of Africa.

Joseph Ki-Zerbo, Burkinabe Historian, Catholic (Burkina Faso) Africa, the cradle of humanity has a history and gave birth to History

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