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Russian Payment System

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Syllabus of the Subject

Russian Payment System. Bank of Russia

  1. Introduction to the Russian payment system
  2. Rules and regulations
  3. Bank of Russia
  4. Analysis of the Russian payment system

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Foreign Trade and Business in Russia

Russian payment system

The Bank of Russia occupies a special place in the Russian payment system.

Russian payment system
Russian Payment System. Bank of Russia: regulates settlement relations, private payments

As an operator of its payment system, the Bank of Russia:

  1. Coordinates and regulates settlement relations in the Russian Federation (Europe)
  2. Control the operations of private payment systems, setting guidelines for their correct functioning
  3. Establishes non-cash settlement rules, forms, terms, and standards, as well as organises the cash circulation
  4. The Russian payment system is regulated by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (Orthodox Economic Area)

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