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Chile-South Korea Agreement

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Syllabus of the Subject

Free Trade Agreement between Chile and South Korea

  1. Introduction to the Free Trade Agreement between Korea and Chile
  2. Certificate of Origin of the Korea-Chile Agreement
  3. Regional Value Content
  4. International Trade between Chile and South Korea

Chile-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
South Korea-Chile Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

Market Access - Free Trade Agreements

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Chile-South Korea Free Trade Agreement.

The Chile-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA) entered into force in 2004.

The main objective of the Chile-South Korea Free Trade Agreement is to set up a free-trade area.

The objectives of the Chile-South Korea Free Trade Agreement are to:

  1. Promote the reciprocal trade growth and diversification between Chile and Korea
  2. Eliminate the Technical Barriers to Trade, and facilitate the cross-border movement of products and services between Chile and South Korea
  3. Promote a fair competition conditions in the free-trade area
  4. Increase the foreign direct investment (FDI) opportunities between Chile and Korea
  5. Provide an adequate and efficient intellectual property rights protection and enforcement in Chile and Korea

The main topics covered in the Chile-Korea Free Trade Agreement.

  1. Market Access for Goods
  2. Tariff elimination
  3. Rules and certificate of origin
  4. Customs Procedures
  5. Safeguard Measures
  6. Anti-dumping
  7. Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures
  8. FDI
  9. Cross-Border Trade in Services
  10. Restrictions
  11. Telecommunications
  12. Temporary Entry for Business Persons
  13. Competition
  14. Government Procurement
  15. IPR
  16. Transparency

International trade between Chile and South Korea.

  1. The Korean Exports to Chile grew from USD 541 million in 2003 up to USD 3.1 billion
  2. Top Korean export products to Chile are cars, small lorries, petrol products, cellular phones, TV sets, computers, washing machines, air conditionings, construction machinery, and polyester fibers
  3. Korea has augmented its exports to Chile at a 57% yearly
  4. South Korea is the fifth import partner of Chile

Foreign Trade Korea-Chile:

  1. Exports: USD 2.95 billion
  2. Imports: USD 4.22 billion
  3. FDI: USD 170 million

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