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Online Masters and Doctorates in Germany Germany (Deutschland) - Masters and Doctorates in International Business

Germany (Deutschland) Masters and Doctorates in International Business (Online) taught by EENI Global Business School:

  1. Germany - Master in International Business
  2. Masters: International Business, Foreign Trade, Transportation
  3. Doctorates: World Trade, Global Logistics, Global Ethics and Business

Germany (Post-secondary Education, e-learning)

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Higher Education programs adapted to the German students and living in Germany

Module: the European Union

European Union and Institutions

European Single Market

European Single Market
  1. European Single Market
  2. EU Services Directive
  3. European Digital Single Market
  4. Taxation System
  5. Economic and Monetary Union
  6. European Central Bank
  7. European Customs Union
Foreign Policy of the EU

German students and living in the Federal Republic of Germany Deutschland (Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hannover, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Essen, Bremen, Liel, Dresden) can enrol online from home.

Tertiary Education in Europe - Deutschland.

Financial aids offered for the German Students.

EENI can provide financial aids, installments, or discounts cash payments for the German students applying to EENI.

Enrolment (Germany Deutschland) will be analysed after receiving the Admission Letter

Master of Science in Internationalem Business

Germany (Doctorates, Masters, e-learning)

Online European Students (Master, Doctorate)

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